A Men-terview

At the beginning of the month we announced the fine men of ICG would be participating in our inaugural No Shave November. Quick recap: we initiated the challenge with all the guys starting the work week with freshly-shaved faces. Since then we’ve been taking daily selfies to chronicle the growth.

Kory Malcolm, our resident production genius built us some furry donation jars for our donation challenge. If you want to contribute, just drop by the office. When you ring the doorbell, just say the Beard Challenger sent you. Address is in the footer.

Being the nerds we are, we wanted to keep tabs on people’s feeling about the challenge, beards in general, and what it’s been like for them ruminate on the progress of their own beards. We wanted get to the heart of the matter – and what better way to get there than by interviewing everyone?


When did you first hear about No Shave November?

Jonathan: The 3rd of January 1936. It was a cool brisk day at the shoe factory, and Reginald told me that some men don’t shave! I was shocked I tell you! Shocked!

Brandon: Three years ago when my buddy (Rodchester McQueen) had what looked to be a caterpillar on his upper lip, I had to acquire as to why and what happened to the large amount of fur that once lived upon his now baby smooth cheeks. He then instructed me with a series of verbal soliloquies as to why it is a very honorable thing to shave his lush man hair from his bear like face. I soon was under a barrage of mental connotations about cancer awareness and how this act of grooming helps embrace the understanding of what a patient will go through in those times in chemo and illness.

Essentially my friend convinced me that though my sweet locks on my face maybe godly in likeness, they are short lived and trivial to the awareness I could bring to the world by removing them. I proceeded to ask Rod why then he hadn’t removed the sweet mustache from above his lips to which he replied “I did, this my friend is a caterpillar.”

(Editor’s translation: a friend told him about it.)

Steve: I’m not sure – I remember hearing a few years ago about not shaving in November, which I do already. Then I heard it was related to men’s health issues. So I think I made that connection a few years ago.


When did you first rock facial hair? Which style?

Doug: I started in college with a starter goatee.

Eric: It was 7th grade. I was one of three guys in my class that could grow facial hair, so we decided to rock some chops down to the lobes. We were real 12-year old men.

Jonathan: I figured out I could grow a soul patch in 8th grade so damnit I made sure I rocked that soul patch at all times. When I was in college I realized I could grow some Joe-Dirt sideburns. They were so gross. We called them “Joverines” because they were part Joe Dirt, part Wolverine. I couldn’t grow a full beard until like 2011. It’s been a long journey but I’m glad to be here.


Why do you sport a beard?

Brandon: It is a way for me to compensate for how little hair I grow on top of my dejected, bald head.

Steve: I rock the beard because I’m too lazy to shave. After several months, it gets to the point of “how far can I take this?” Coupled with my favorite American Apparel fisherman’s pullover, I feel and look like a sea captain and/or Ernest Hemingway.

Eric: I tend to sport a goatee most days. Why? My wife likes it!


How often do you shave?

Eric: Usually every other day.

Kory: Once every week or two, depends on how I am in the morning.

Jonathan: I shave each time Halley’s comet appears in the sky.


Broad strokes – what is your opinion of facial hair?

Doug: Everyone must look deep into their own soul and ask themselves this very question. Each person must seek answers at a deep level as they journey through this life in the realm of beardedness. I have sought this answer and I truly believe it is acceptable for me and others as their act of free will.

Kory: What kind of question is this? I’ve had a beard since 2004, the start of my senior year. So of course I like it.

Eric: It can be strategic for a number of reasons:

  1. Provides a warm facial blanket for those cold morning breezes
  2. It’s a double chin cover-up
  3. Balance for those without head hair
  4. Or simply, why not? I’m a man


What have you learned about yourself since participating in No Shave November?

Doug: I’ve learned I like beard oil and that I can sleep a few extra minutes in the morning because I don’t have to shave. I have yet to fully embrace the mustache as a barrier between my nose and lip.

Eric: Within a few days, I can look age 45. Just put that razor down, men, put on those flannel shirts and discover your own God-given talent for manly facial hair growth.

Jonathan: I have been reminded how much I hate not having a beard. Also that I look like a nerdy creep and that’s not cool. #BringBackTheBeard2k15

Brandon: I enjoy my beard, I don’t grow one very quickly, but I also am not annoyed by the growth process like the majority of the guys at ICG. Also, BEARD OILS FOR THE WIN!


Thanks gentlemen!

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A Men-terview