A word that people throw around a lot because it sounds really cool.  Like hyperlocal, paradigm shift, big data or herding cats.  But to us, culture is more of a “core competency” that keeps this “brick and mortar” churning “upward” with a “bizmeth” “ripe for disruption” and enough “bandwidth” to make any partner that wants to take a “deep dive” with ICG “engage” because we are great to work with, creative as hell, listen like a husband should and have a brilliant personality.  Maintaining “culture” is the responsibility of everyone here.  We lost it once and it really sucked.  So, we fight to have it, keep it and grow it.  Our work is serious so we don’t have to be.

Christmas Videos

In lieu of a Christmas card every year we spend an enormous amount of time, agency resources and nervous energy to create a “Christmas video” during the incredibly busy holiday season.  It’s tradition.  So, don’t be a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins and take a scroll through our current videos and videos of Christmas past.  #ICGChristmas


Christmas Present

 Christmas videos past

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