Gary Busey Brought Us Ice Cream

In the world of advertising, “business as usual” doesn’t mean what it does in other industries. Things can get a little weird.

Case in point: today we heard actor and Oklahoma native Gary Busey was in town delivering ice cream with Uber. If you had to read that sentence twice, then we don’t blame you. We were so amazed by the situation that we made it our mission to get Mr. Busey to drop by our office. Business as usual, right?

Right before lunch, Gary and his crew showed up to deliver the ice cream and he was kind enough to stick around and chill while we took pictures. So, there is photo evidence. Trust us, we still don’t believe it!


Gary can stand under our umbrella. Ella ella aye. Aye aye.


Looks like some karate moves are about to happen.


Bobbie gets two ice creams. One for her, one for baby.


Rusty looks pretty pumped.


Brandon drew a picture of Gary…

…which he then tweeted.


We even threw up a marquee message.

13707685_10154158942655590_7388779826494381258_n 13669828_10154158942580590_3090556627799633746_n

Gary talks with Brandon and Amy as Cassie laughs and Emily looks on.


Gary and Eric shake hands and pose while Doug does Doug Stuff in the background.

And finally, Brandon plugs into the Pokemon Go trend with the following image:

“People in OKC be like…”


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Gary Busey Brought Us Ice Cream