Our Seinfeld-referencing Floor Trader ad went viral

As any connoisseur of comedy will tell you, Seinfeld is one of those classics that never gets old. You know it, we know it, and judging by the reaction to our latest Floor Trader billboard, the internet knows it as well.

Completely out of left field, like a thief in the night, our outdoor ad went viral. Not in the “make it go viral” wishful thinking sort of way – but in a totally grassroots, hands-off, life-of-its-own way.

Like most things viral, it started with this post on Reddit. From there, the story was picked up by Mashable, sitting right next to a story about Instagram’s controversial rebrand. And today, we got a nod from the venerable industry standard, AdWeek. (Note: the Floor Trader spot at the bottom of the AdWeek post is not our work.) Then, suddenly The AV Club posted it too.

So there you have it – be courageous, be bold and take that leap outside your comfort zone. It pays off.

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Our Seinfeld-referencing Floor Trader ad went viral