Jarod Means

Web Developer

Jarod is a Web Developer at ICG. But don’t worry, he doesn’t just speak in code.

In fact, Jarod is somewhat of a linguist! After graduating from OSU, Jarod and his wife, Stephanie, travelled the globe together for several years, teaching English to students in foreign countries. Thanks to that experience, he can get by with a little Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

Jarod and Stephanie lived and worked in South Korea and Taiwan until returning to OKC in 2012, where they started their own company, Studio 42. There, Jarod was a videographer, editor, designer, salesman and more, but spent much of his time honing his skills in Web Development, which brought him to ICG in 2016.

Jarod’s a great addition to ICG, with an infectious smile and fun demeanor… plus some eccentric food tastes to share. At home, Jarod enjoys spending time with his wife and lovely daughter Theadora. When he’s not ogling over her, he enjoys playing games, watching movies and opening doors for his cat, who can never make up her mind.

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Jarod Means