MyTien Pham

Graphic Designer

Meet MyTien (Me-Tee-Ehn) Pham, ICG’s newest designer, but call her Tien.

Born in the southern coast of Vietnam, Tien was raised in Oklahoma City and attended the University of Oklahoma. She has a Journalism and Mass Communication degree, with an emphasis in advertising design and a minor in art. Tien’s love for art and design began in childhood, watching her mother draw, but her art career really began when she won 1st place for the Abraham Lincoln drawing contest in third grade. Since then, Tien has pursued art and expanded her abilities to numerous physical mediums, with the digital realm her latest fascination. She is beyond curious about everything design-oriented and eager to learn everything the professional design world has to offer.

When she’s not making art or designing, Tien is either listening to hip-hop, attending a hip-hop show, reading a good fiction book, or re-watching episodes of Friends. How you doin’?!

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MyTien Pham