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Charlie & Tricia

Meet our two latest additions, Charlie Molleur and Tricia Rogers. Charlie’s a video specialist; Tricia’s a Creative Services Manager. They have some pretty strange fears, and you may never want to use a loofah again after viewing the video but who uses a loofah anyways?  We are really excited to have them here at ICG!

About Charlie

Before settling down as an Okie, Charlie grew up in a tiny town called Sandwich, in the cornfields of Chicago’s suburbs. Charlie picked up a camera for the first time in 2007, and was quickly hooked on telling stories.

Charlie moved to Oklahoma to work at Life.Church in 2013, and during this time he refined his talents, traveling the world to capture stories. Thanks to this experience, he is ready to hit the ground running at ICG!

Charlie and his wife, Katie, have a one-year-old daughter named Hazel. Charlie is a musician, pen-spinner, part-time barista and filmmaker. He’s up for the challenge to do all four things at once! If Charlie’s not at home watching the office with his daughter, who loves it just as much as him, he’ll most likely be at his favorite coffee shop or any type of music store. Just put on some John Mayer, and he is all set to work.

About Tricia

Her middle name is Organized! She is a natural planner and loves calendars, just in case you were wondering what to get her next Christmas.

Tricia has always set her sights on advertising, majoring in it at K-State. With more than 5 years of previous experience as an agency project manager and traffic director, she plans and organizes our client projects and promos with ease.

It’s a good thing Tricia is so motivated, because she is tied to her desk—literally—thanks to an irrational fear of floating away in space. When she does break away at the end of the day, she heads home to Norman to husband Geoff and her cat named Mocha. You can find Tricia cuddled up with a book alongside Mocha, queen of the Rogers household.

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Welcome to the show!