World Famous Bar-B-Q

Oklahoma is Swadley’s Country

You’d be hard pressed to find an Oklahoman who doesn’t know the name Swadley’s. When it comes to Bar B Q, few come close to the meaty, smoky, crispy flavors of Swadley’s. They needed a brand that reflected their world-famous quality while drawing on an image of down-home classic Americana.

 Before & After

Brand pieces

We started with the logo and worked our way across the rest of their materials to apply the new brand to billboards, cups, aprons, to go bags, t-shirts, email blasts, the website and social media images. In addition to the rebrand, we launched a series of promotions on social media.

#Chopped vs. #Sliced

For one such promotion, the “#Chopped or #Sliced” contest, we produced a video showcasing their tasty meats and asking users their preference, thereby entering into a drawing for Swadley’s gift cards. The video received tremendous engagement, garnering 23,000 views, 416 reactions and a whopping 401 comments. Another post we ran during the contest accumulated 1.1k reactions, 522 shares and over 1,000 comments.

One thing’s for sure – people sure do love Swadley’s BBQ. And we certainly love having them as a client.

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