ICG Honored at Beacon Awards for “Bravery Goes Blue”

At ICG, we are so grateful to be able to work with impactful nonprofits in Oklahoma City. This week, we were thankful to be honored during The Journal Record’s Beacon Awards in the category of Philanthropic Impact for our work with The CARE Center!

The CARE Center is Oklahoma County’s child abuse advocacy center, aimed at helping those abused tell their stories in a safe environment. We are very passionate about working with this great organization to help end child abuse. We began working with the CARE Center in 2014, when we rebranded the center with the lion logo. Since then, our relationship has grown, and we work hand-in-hand to raise awareness of the services The CARE Center offers for children facing abuse.

This year, The CARE Center named ICG the 2017 advocate of the year at its annual fundraising event, Brave Ball. It was there that we launched Bravery Goes Blue, an awareness campaign created to educate the community about the child abuse problem impacting Oklahoma City, as well as the services The CARE Center offers to protect these children.

The CARE Center is now on a mission to get ahead of this problem, teaching kids how to have a voice. We join them on that mission, and it drives us to keep working on new ideas and creative ways to get our city invested and involved.

In addition to the launch of Bravery Goes Blue, ICG also recently published Rex Finds His Roar for The CARE Center. We worked very closely with their staff for months to work out every detail, and now this book is available to help children learn how to speak up. The book is available on Amazon, here.

We look forward to a continued partnership with The CARE Center, and a brighter future for OKC children!

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ICG Honored at Beacon Awards for “Bravery Goes Blue”