Hydrating the Homeless

Hydrating the Homeless in OKC

The most obvious statement of any Oklahoma summer is that it’s hot. But for those without basic necessities or a cool place to rest it is far beyond hot—it’s life threatening. That’s why we’re rallying our fellow OKC residents to donate water to help the homeless get through the summer.

Called Hydrate the Homeless, our water campaign builds off of our winter drive to provide coats for Curbside Chronicle vendors, the men and women out in green vests, standing curbside in the sweltering heat to sell magazines. This OKC venture provides jobs—with an eventual goal of housing—to those trying to work their way out of homelessness.

We’re asking OKC residents to donate water and other items like sun block for those out in the oppressive heat. And because water is such a great need for people on the streets, we are also helping other homeless organizations through the water drive, including The Homeless Alliance and City Rescue Mission.

“It takes so little to make an impact, and water is a great start,” said Ranya Forgotson O’Connor, co-founder of The Curbside Chronicle. “It will go a long way to help our vendors continue to work.”

Drop off donations at our office, 19 NE 9th in Automobile Alley.

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Hydrating the Homeless