Our Process

Have a plan. Research thoroughly. Create beautifully. Measure. Repeat.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither are successful brands and campaigns. Here’s a quick walk through the process we use to make the magic happen.

1. Organize the Effort

Before we dive into any project, we must first get organized. This is helpful to keep both sides of the team moving in the right direction.

  • Meet with key players and assign responsibilities
  • Define the problem, set the goals
  • Develop a scope, timeline and milestones

2. Research and Explore

If there’s one immutable rule in branding, it’s the importance of knowing your audience. Each audience requires a different approach and an effort must be made to understand who these groups are, what they need and want and what they best respond to. The more we understand up front, the more effectively we can tailor our concepts, creative and media placement strategies.

Additionally, visual research, market research and competitor research are conducted to get a more complete view of the marketing landscape.

3. Conceptualize and Question

Once we’ve done our research, we can apply that knowledge to a clear set of goals, and we go to work creating ideas that speak to applicable markets and audience groups.

  • Brand launch meeting to review research findings and set our course of action.
  • Brand audit to review brand and sub-brand usage internally and externally.
  • Establish the strategies for your brand and explore creative solutions that correspond.
  • Craft a brand position
  • Develop creative concepts
  • Client review

4. Create and Execute

Now it’s time to start making. We gather our team together in a collaborative environment to allow for the cross-pollination of ideas, suggestions and talents.

  • Brand and creative messaging
  • Brand strategy
  • Multi-faceted marketing
  • Media strategy and placement
  • Web design and development
  • TV and radio production
  • Design services
  • Project management

5. Measure the Success

The final step to any project is to measure the success. Each project is different, so the measures can vary depending on the type of campaign and tactics used. Some of the things we consider include:

  • What impact did the brand have on the different audiences (internal and external)?
  • How well did he campaign tactics perform?
  • Did the media placement deliver what was paid for?

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Our Process