Danielle Oberloier

Danielle Oberloier is our new copywriter. (No need trying to pronounce her last name, none of us can!) Let’s just call her Dani O. from here on…

Dani loves words. She’s one of those people that describes herself with terms like bibliophile, rather than just saying she likes books. But she does, really, really love books, even though she tries not to hoard them. We would understand if she did, because she studied English at OSU, and even helped start/run an regional undergraduate lit and art mag while there.

Since then, Dani has worked in various communications and marketing roles, gaining experience in content creation, copywriting, internal communications, editorial/content planning, and other things with the words and stuff. Please note that an Oxford comma was used here to suit her personal preference.

At ICG, Dani enjoys helping others find their voice, shape stories, communicate as a brand, and create communication strategies. She’s placed her own hot sauce in our break room, which ultimately describes her saucy personality perfectly. She is married to Josh, a videographer/photographer who she collaborates with on video projects in her free time. She loves going to shows, music, perfected playlists (or gasp – mix cds), and currently has a very complicated roommate situation with a cat named Miles… which is about to become much more complicated after she welcomes a baby boy this fall!

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Danielle Oberloier