Jason Gwynn

Senior Video Specialist / Production Lead

Jason Gwynn sports the boots of an Oklahoman, but actually hails from West Virginia. He migrated to the Sooner state to further his education in media production and decided to stick around. Although he finished his undergraduate degree from OU, he still roots for the Mountaineers—even if he’s the only one in Oklahoma—which is okay, since he’d rather watch pro wrestling anyway.   

Jason’s great with a comeback, although his delivery takes an extra minute. He’s a pretty witty guy, with a comedy writing background among his talents. He lived in Toronto to hone his comedy skills, since Canadians think we’re pretty funny. Although we love Jason’s jokes, we’re sticking him behind the camera as our new video specialist, shooting and editing a range of projects and stories.

Jason also teaches Film Production at OCCC (in case you are looking for a West Virginian-Canadian-Oklahoman-type of education). You might find him out having a drink with friends and playing board games, or possibly working on his Nicholas Cage impression. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and their two dogs, Pip and Tuck, and looking for adventure around the metro—like stealing the Declaration of Independence.

Jason Gwynn, Video Specialist at Insight Creative Group
19 NE 9th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73104