Jen Pierce

Video Producer

If making commercials was a ship, Jen Pierce would helm the comically large wheel. As Video Production Manager, Jen Pierce makes sure our clients’ productions go off without a hitch. From planning shoots to keeping communication flowing, Jen’s a pro at helping others focus on doing what they do best: making rad stuff.

Jen holds a bachelors in drama performance from the University of Oklahoma. Aside from flexing her acting chops, she previously worked as an associate producer on commercials and documentaries before joining the ICG team.

A fun fact about Jen? Her middle name is only one letter. We’ll leave it to you to guess what it is. When she’s not busy being a planner extraordinaire, you can find her noshing on some sushi with her husband Riley and their dog Lucy. She is proud to report at the age of 30 that she has finally learned how to style her curly hair.

19 NE 9th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73104