Josh Elsass

Senior Video Editor

As Senior Video Editor, Josh slices and dices commercials, content, and cool stuff for our clients. Whether he’s making graphics sparkle or sweetening the heck out of some audio, making every edit sing is kind of his thing. 

Josh brings over a decade of editing, shooting, and producing experience, with clients including the University of Wyoming Athletics, USA Hockey, and more. He earned his fancy piece of paper in TV and video production from Robert Morris University. He is also the co-founder of Thoughts From the Bench, a content production company based in his favorite city/vacation destination: Pittsburgh.

This guy loves sports. Like, to an alarming degree. If there’s a watercooler, Josh is around it, spewing facts about hockey, baseball, and anything else that involves hitting an object with a stick. When he’s not coaching from the sidelines, you’ll find him rock climbing, bicycling, camping, hiking, skiing, or white water rafting. He lives in OKC with his wife Anastasia.

19 NE 9th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73104