Kellen McGugan

Social Media Manager

Kellen McGugan is ICG’s Social Media Manager. He is excited to join a team that creates high-quality, strategic content with the goal of meeting both editorial standards and client goals—and he particularly loves to be in cheese mode.

An Oklahoma City fanatic, Kellen appreciates all things OKC. He’s an Oklahoma State University grad, and began his career in the OKC restaurant scene. If you ask, he’s bound to give you a dozen recommendations about where to eat your next meal.

In his free time, Kellen is a proud Japanophile and anime fanatic. Seriously, don’t bring up Japan around him. He won’t shut up, and you probably won’t get it. On the weekends you can find him riding around the city on his bicycle, spending time with his wife and three dogs, or having a beer at McNellie’s.

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Kellen McGugan