Kelli Stewart

HR & Facilities Manager

Kelli brings a well-rounded administrative skill set to her operations role as well as a passion for serving others. She’s definitely a problem solver, loves a good project, and welcomes any opportunity to be creative.

Kelli’s educational background is in Communications. She’s worked in the non-profit, as well as the healthcare industry prior to joining ICG.  She is naturally a people person and has always been able to infuse these qualities into everything she does whether it be at work, home or simply every day interactions with others.  She is very excited to be involved with and help develop the unique culture at ICG.

Originally from Kansas, Kelli has lived in Oklahoma City with her husband Chris for the past 16 years. When not at work, Kelli loves to cook and finds this pastime one of the best ways to relax and be creative. Saturday coffee and food show marathons are two of her favorite things.  She also loves to just hang out with her family and her two dogs, Lola and Fiona.  She has three children, Jonathan, Krystin, and Kalyn.

Sharing is Caring

Kelli Stewart