Korbyn Newsom

Content Creator

Korbyn’s her name. Creativity’s her game. As Content Creator, Korbyn whips up stunning, shareable stories for our clients. From scroll-stopping TikToks to tearjerking videos and stunning portraits, breathing oxygen into a project’s metaphorical lungs is what she does best. That’s why we call her the Heimlich (we don’t). 

Korbyn earned her degree in strategic communications from the University of Central Oklahoma. She is the owner of Korbyn Skye Photography, so if you need a wedding photographer who’ll do anything for the shot, congrats. You just found your gal reading a bio on an advertising agency’s website.

When she’s giving her thumb a break from the camera shutter, Korbyn enjoys getting her green thumb on. She’s also been known to go backpacking across Europe and enjoys embracing her inner Picasso from time-to-time. Korbyn lives in OKC with her husband Jason and their two pups, Maple and Milo.

19 NE 9th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73104