Mason Grimes

Account Manager

Mason Grimes is an Account Manager at ICG, which means she is very organized and can handle organizing for others, too. In fact, she always has her planner and highlighters with her—so she’s ready in the event of any scheduling emergency.

Mason graduated from UCO with a B.A. in Strategic Communications, so we’ve finally learned what the buzzword “stratcom” means! She has experience in client services, project management, and content development… all things that contributed to her love of highlighters. Before her marketing work, Mason interned with Yelp in OKC, so she’s probably paying more attention than you at restaurants.

Mason’s roommate is her cat, Diana. She enjoys spending time with my family and friends, traveling, watching movies, reading, and working out. Mason’s into fitness, but she’s also into food. Specifically, dessert. Which means you can look for her Yelp reviews of yoga studios and ice cream joints.

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Mason Grimes