Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

988: Get Your Burden Off Your Back

A big game commercial for a big time cause…with a big time star.

Being a human is hard. For some of us, weight-of-the-world-on-your-shoulders hard. When it comes to mental health, many Oklahomans don’t ask for help with lightening the load. Especially rural middle-aged men — Oklahoma’s most at-risk demographic for suicide. The 988 Mental Health Lifeline is shifting the stigma around mental health with optimism, positivity, and heart.

ICG knew there was no better time to spotlight Oklahoma’s mental health than advertising’s biggest night. We also knew this was an opportunity to challenge stigma head on with humor. So, we teamed up with a special guest to make sure the message was heard loud and clear: fellow Okie and Broadway songbird Kristin Chenoweth

Alongside the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and in partnership with Jones PR and Retrospec Films, what happened next was a memorable, funny, and 100% Oklahoman permission slip to ask for help when you need it. 

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Behind the Scenes

Backed by an all-Oklahoman crew, the commercial was shot in a historic Oklahoma City home. During the single-day shoot, ICG and production partner Retrospec Films brought the story from the page to the Sunday night football party.

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  • Creative Director: Doug Farthing
  • Account Executive: Matt Farley
  • Account Director: Tricia Rogers
  • Associate Creative Director: Macy Muirhead
  • Art Director: Paige Shead
  • Senior Editor: Rob Whitlow
  • Storyboard Artist: Steve Loftis
  • Senior Video Specialist (BTS): Troy Huddleston
  • Junior Video Specialist (BTS): Ally Callahan
  • Account Manager: Emily Bartusch
  • Director/DP: Jason Burks
  • 1st AD: Brandon Forbes
  • Producer: Nathan Groves
  • Prod. Coordinator: Jessica Hightower
  • PA: Tayler Burks
  • PA: Devon Oliver
  • B Cam Op: Kyle Sterk
  • A Cam AC: Brandon Waddell
  • B Cam AC: Corey Robinson
  • Video Village: Mark Miles
  • Art Director: Madi Dettor
  • PA: Devon Oliver
  • Key Makeup: Marlohaus
  • Key Grip: Scott Sunday
  • Grip: Russell Macway
  • Grip/Swing: Spencer Sunday
  • Gaffer: Jeremy Smart
  • Sound Engineer: Stephen Tackett
  • Casting: Bessma Todd
  • Locations Manager: Chris Kucharski (Locations Unlimited)
  • Locations Assist: Alison Naifeh
  • Locations Assist: Isabella Bird
  • Locations Assist: O’che Wright
  • Catering: Abbey Road Catering
  • Catering: Julie Nguyen
  • Transportation: Fin Studio Rentals
  • PR Team: Ashley Glass
  • PR Team: Taylor Ketchum, APR
  • Client Team: Carrie Slatton-Hodges
  • Client Team: Heath Hayes
  • Client Team: Katie Lenhart
  • Client Team: Cole Rachal
  • Client Team: Rebecca Sheppard
  • Client Team: Santiago Solano
  • Client Team: Jeff Dismukes
  • Client Team: Beth Brady
  • Client Team: Justin Chase
  • Cast: Kristin Chenoweth
  • Cast: Jamie Campbell
  • Cast: Ginger Joy
  • Cast: Lindsey Lamer
  • Cast: Brooks Mitchell
  • SAG Signatory: David Leeper

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