Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

988: Mental Health Lifeline

A campaign marking the shift away from stigma toward an open conversation about mental health in Oklahoma.

Our mental health is finally getting the attention it’s due. With 1 in 5 of us experiencing some form of mental illness or substance abuse, it was time for action at the highest levels of government. Passed by Congress and signed into law in late 2020, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline became an easy-to-remember three-digital number: 988. Now all Americans can connect with a trained mental health professional to get the help they need when they need it.

ICG and Jones PR teamed up to help the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse launch and promote this life-saving new service while positioning Oklahoma as a leader in addressing mental health.

The Shift

We ask for help daily – and it’s no big deal. Why should help with our mental health be any different? The campaign concept, THE SHIFT, marks a sea-change in attitude toward more open and honest conversations about mental health.

Hitting the Streets

Starting with a NAMI Walk at Myriad Gardens, activations and events played a major role in spreading the word. From OKC Pride to the opening of the lower half of Scissortail Park, each event was an opportunity to engage the community, answer questions, and hand out some pretty sweet swag.

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Influencers and Social Media

From artists to public figures to mental health professionals, influencers were instrumental promoting 988 on social media and IRL. To set them up for success (and give them a little something for their time), we sent out influencer boxes packed with 988-branded goodies. Meanwhile, our team generated tons of engaging content for 988’s social channels.

Speaking Up about Mental Health

We spoke to several people from all walks of life about their experiences with mental health. They were kind enough to let us turn their interviews into testimonial pieces for YouTube and the website.

Get the facts on 988

No single piece of content can do it all. For additional information, all pieces pointed back to the 988 Oklahoma website, where visitors can learn how the lifeline works, print coloring sheets, and download educational toolkits for the office and the classroom.

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