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Blake Shelton approved

The “Carter Boys” are back with another parody music video.  This time a Blake Shelton song titled Boys ’round here was the lucky victim.  And we can confirm with twitter evidence that Blake did watch the video, approved of it and has not challenged the parody law and tried to sue. 

Group Sharing

The fellas are really good at making friends.  So good that they were a little too focused on the friendships and not as much on selling cars. So, management organized a little after hours sharing session to get the team refocused. 

Being Literally Literal

The team at Carter is fortunate to receive several wonderful reviews from satisfied customers.  Sometimes the guys obsess over the reviews and maybe take a few things in a review quite literally.  The following spots are real reviews taken extra literal by the sales guys who also are actors. 

Going to camp

Chemistry. It’s something that every great team strives for. It takes a village to sell a vehicle not just one individual.  Teamwork makes the dream work and a bunch of other sports analogy team sayings. Bottom line is the fellas at Carter know that the best place to bond and bring a team together is at camp. So, Camp Carter was born.

The Carter Wave

Trevor is full of….  a lot of interesting ideas.  He’s not afraid to share these thoughts even if they aren’t fully baked. But, he put a lot of time, effort and poster board mounting into his latest idea of the Carter wave.  


The guys are a very reviewed dealerships.  We are talking thousands of reviews. Most of them are good, some are kind of weird and a lot of them make the guys tear up a bit. In this commercial we decided to read the guys real reviews and have them respond. Then it is possible that we added a voice over with fake reviews in post production to create this commercial. 

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