Desi’s Story

Everyone has a story

The evidence is clear that the time for a change in foster care has come. There are thousands of children in Oklahoma County foster care, with more than a third of them under the age of 3. Of these children, typically only 40% are ever adopted by their foster families, and most bounce around from home to home, never finding a permanent placement.

Desi’s story started when she was born into foster care in 2003. In one short year, she had been in and out of 5 foster homes and was living in a child abuse center in San Diego. Then she met Jennifer and David Abney and her path would change forever.

This is her story told in her own words

About Angels

Angels is a private foster child placing agency in Oklahoma County, rescuing children who have often been traumatized while living in emergency shelters or in a series of short term foster homes after being abused, neglected, or abandoned by their parents.

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About Jennifer Abney:

Jennifer Abney has lived in Edmond with her husband David and their two daughters since December of 2007. After experiencing what a difference a great foster family can mean to a child in crisis, she has spent the last two years developing Angels Foster Family OKC to serve the children in Oklahoma County and create a foundation that will not just fix the problems the foster system has encountered, but to prevent the damages all together. She has incorporated every aspect of the original model of Angels in San Diego, and will use their 10 years of experience and research to better the way we care for our most precious angels in Oklahoma. Our goal is to form deep community involvement, volunteerism, and the very best foster homes available for infants and toddlers ages 0-3.

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