Angels Rebrand

Visually compelling rebrand with online donations

Early in a child’s development, it’s crucial to be loved and cared for unconditionally. Children who haven’t received this type of nurturing in their first few years of life have difficulty trusting and forming meaningful bonds later on. Angels connects foster families with children who need care the most.

Angels Foster Family Network started in California and was exported to the OKC area by Jennifer Abney after fostering and subsequently adopting a young girl named Desi.

What’s unique about Angels is the support system they have in place for their foster parents: online training, placement bags supplied with diapers, bottles and books, and support from volunteers and on-staff social workers, just to name a few. They even offer day care services to their foster parents.

Since Angels is all about building a positive emotional connection, the new brand and website accomplish this through a vibrant color palette and photos of children with their foster parents, as well as a friendly system of icons to help tell their unique story.

Donations are made natively through the site using Gravity Forms with the Stripe payment system add-on. Contributors are given the option of a one-time or recurring monthly donation. Users can also sign up for an email newsletter natively on the website through Constant Contact.

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