Don’t Let Pain Slow You Down

If Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony were a championship boxer their intro would go something like this…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Are you ready for the captain of the orthopedic industry? The 89 year seasoned veteran. The leader in MAKOplasty. Mister top-rated in patient satisfaction. The numero uno choice for knee and hip replacement, spine, hand, foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine and the place where the best docs reside. Please welcome to the ring, your champion, Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony!

The Leader

The stats of Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony are hard to ignore and the concept of this campaign is pretty simple. Don’t let pain slow you down. The care you receive is so exceptional that you are back on your feet before you leave the hospital. Well, it’s not quite that fast, but close! Three :30 television spots anchor this campaign on broadcast TV stations, websites, Pandora Digital Radio and social media.




Sharing is Caring

Roulette and Craps? Yep.