Arts Council Oklahoma City

Bringing the Arts and the Community Together

Bringing programs, events and initiatives into a single iconic brand.

Since 1967 the Arts Council Oklahoma City has brought some of the most beloved art events to the Oklahoma City metro area. Festival of the Arts, Opening Night, Oklahoma City Storytelling Festival and Sunday Twilight Concert Series are just a few of the many programs and events enjoyed by the community.

Despite the community-wide popularity of these programs and events, the public was not generally aware that these all tied back to the Arts Council of Oklahoma City; each was branded individually and lacked cohesion. ICG built a new brand for the Arts Council that was consistent enough to tie each program and event back to the larger organization, but versatile enough to allow for individual identities.

Based on a single, timeless mark and a system of color coding, we were able to accomplish both of these objectives. The new logo offers consistency in form with the potential for infinite variations, acting as a window to imagery and graphics.

A Cleaner, More Functional Website

Along with the new brand, ICG developed a cleaner, more functional website. The homepage design instantly explains the purpose of the organization and immediately makes the connection to the Arts Council OKC’s beloved programs and events. An improved events calendar provides quick access to what’s going on in the arts community and provides the user with directions and the ability to add it to their iCal or Google Calendars. The #artscouncilokc social page pulls the Arts Council OKC’s social feeds and user-produced content into a single page, giving a broad overview of the exciting art happenings in the area.

Logo design variations for Arts Council Oklahoma City

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