The CARE Center

Bravery & Courage

A multi-year mission to become Oklahoma's authority on child abuse prevention and education.

Since 1991, The CARE Center has helped children who’ve faced abuse or neglect tell their stories and get the help they and their families need to heal their bodies, minds and hearts. Unfortunately, child abuse is a genuine problem in Oklahoma: 1 in 3 girls face abuse or neglect. For boys, the number is 1 in 5. These statistics are staggering; The CARE Center has a difficult but essential mission.

To fully understand their organization, we met with The CARE Center’s board of directors, staff and founders. We also heard from families whose lives were changed for the better through their services. Our goals were simple: position The CARE Center as a provider of hope, clearly communicate their mission and increase financial support from private donors.

Launching the New Brand

The new brand launch coincided with the 2015 A Night with the Stars gala, The CARE Center’s annual fundraising event. Attended by celebrities such as Rob Gallavan, Miss Oklahoma Alex Eppler and Seinfeld’s John O’Hurley, the brand video had an enormous impact.

Following the video, a children’s choir sang Katy Perry’s “Roar” to emotional applause. The reception of the brand launch video could not have gone any better. The launch resulted in a 66% increase in donations and a 657% increase in recurring monthly donations compared to 2014.

A Better Way to Tell the Story

A new website was launched simultaneously with the rest of the brand, making the official switch directly after the video’s premiere. Through concise content and a narrative structure, the site gives an overview of the organization and invites viewers to become members of their donor community, dubbed the Lion Hearted.

#BraveryGoesBlue Social Campaign

In 2016, we began to establish The CARE Center as the child abuse experts in Oklahoma County throughout April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month. The #BraveryGoesBlue campaign used Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, digital outdoor and PR to raise awareness among the general public.

Pivot to Prevention and Education

With awareness on the rise, the CARE Center began to focus more on prevention and education by developing curriculum for parents, educators and children.


ROAR is The CARE Center’s child-based, age-appropriate education program designed for children as young as three. In the beautifully illustrated children’s book Rex Finds His ROAR, a young lion and his animal friends teach children about body safety and how to protect themselves from abuse.

The Brave Ball

Since the rebrand, ICG continued our partnership with The CARE Center to provide event branding and a video for their annual fundraiser, renamed The Brave Ball.

The Results

The rebrand has brought The CARE Center from relative obscurity to being positioned as the premier child abuse prevention and education agency in Oklahoma. And they are now primarily privately funded.

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