Bravery Has a Name, Courage Has a Voice

Making a Real Difference

Since 1991, The CARE Center has been devoted to helping children who’ve been abused or neglected tell their stories and get the help they and their families need to heal their bodies, minds and hearts.

There’s always been a challenge in how we as a community discuss the problem of child abuse. When hearts and futures are on the line, it takes strength and courage to face this unique challenge. The statistics in the state of Oklahoma are not good: 1 in 3 girls are abused or neglected. For boys, the number is 1 in 5. Child abuse is a very real problem. While these numbers are staggering, we recognize that The CARE Center as an organization has a difficult, but essential task.

To fully understand their organization, we met with The CARE Center board and staff, interviewed people instrumental in their founding and spoke with families who lives have been changed for the better through their services. Through each of these meetings, we listened, asked questions, formulated our goals and built our strategy.

The goals were simple: rebrand The CARE Center as a provider of hope, clearly and effectively communicate their services and mission and increase donations and other forms of support.

Changing Perceptions

To communicate The CARE Center’s mission more effectively, we started from square one: the logo. The previous design, a housetop, was causing some confusion among the public, creating the perception of The CARE Center as a children’s shelter. While they do operate out of a large historic home, the structure is not used as housing. The new logo, the face of a lion, symbolizes the qualities of bravery and courage, attributes essential to The CARE Center’s mission. The logo serves as not just an image representing the organization, but as a reminder to children, and to all of us, that deep down we have what it takes to confront our challenges and overcome them.

Launching the New Brand

The launch of the new brand was timed to coincide with the 2015 A Night with the Stars gala, The CARE Center’s annual fundraising event. Attended by celebrities such as John O’Hurley, Rob Gallavan and Miss Oklahoma Alex Eppler, the brand video had an enormous impact. Following the video, a children’s choir sang Katy Perry’s “Roar” to emotional applause. The reception of the brand launch video couldn’t have gone any better.

The Lion Hearted

Keeping with the themes of courage and bravery, supporters of The CARE Center were dubbed The Lion Hearted. Lion Hearted supporters were given lapel pins in the shape of the lion logo as a tangible symbol of their membership to be worn with pride.

A Better Way to Tell the Story

A new website was launched simultaneously with the rest of the brand, making the official switch directly after the viewing of the launch video. The CARE Center’s website was redesigned using the new brand and updated messaging. Through concise content and a narrative structure, the homepage gives the overview of the organization and asks viewers to become members of the Lion Hearted

A Better Way to Give (And Receive)

The new website makes donation simpler and more efficient for both donors and The CARE Center. The Bloomerang CRM makes this possible in two ways. On the front end, the CRM system allows for a responsive donation platform where giving can take place easily on mobile devices or desktop. Donation levels are set at specific intervals and ties the dollar amount with what will be provided. On the back end, the system provides a simple yet powerful way of keeping track of donors, allowing The CARE Center to see level of engagement on a per-donor basis, send emails tied to specific funding campaigns, and keep track of funding goals.

Educate and Advocate

Moving forward, our goal is to help The CARE Center own the issue of ending child abuse and neglect by focusing on educating the public. By shining a light on the issue and empowering communities with the knowledge of what to look for, we hope to reduce abuse through prevention. The CARE Center will also continue to advocate fiercely on behalf of victims and their families as well.

The Results

Our relationship with The CARE Center has been wonderful. Through our partnership, the work we’ve done together has made 2015 their most successful year to date.

Sharing is Caring

Friends first.