CareerTech 5.0

Version 4.0 of a multi-year brand awareness campaign.

Oklahoma CareerTech connects students of all ages with the hands-on experience and certifications needed to land the well-paying jobs that power our economy.

In the late 90s, the organization rebranded from Vo-Tech to CareerTech. And while the change is nearly 30 years old, periodic rounds of research showed people just didn’t register the change. On top of that, there was a perception that technical education is “for other people’s kids” or for those who “aren’t college material.” That needed to change.

Pride in the Hustle

The project began with market research to establish baseline perceptions and test a variety of possible messages. The results gave us a clear mandate for moving forward – we wanted to create a greater sense of accomplishment to the CareerTech system. By turning the focus to the rewards of hands-on hard work and promoting the high earning potential, the Pride in the Hustle campaign brought the life and energy previous campaigns lacked. And to keep the campaign fresh, visuals are continually evolving each year.

Using streaming media such as OTT, the campaign was rolled out state-wide for a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast media.

The Campaign Website

The campaign website served as the collective home for video content submitted by tech centers from across the state. A campus directory shows the breadth of the Career Tech network and connected visitors with centers that offered programs of interest.

Social Media

United in the Hustle

In addition to raising awareness of the statewide brand, the campaign needed flexibility for cobranding purposes. Dubbed “United in the Hustle,” the visual identity is also used to cobrand individual tech centers.

Super Bowl Spot

A few years into the campaign, we wanted to put a spot in front of a massive audience. Despite fragmentation in the media landscape, there’s still a place for traditional advertising on event television. And the biggest night in football still reigns supreme as a high-impact way to deliver your message to the masses.

Social Engagement
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Oklahoma Households Reached

With that many eyes watching, people got to talking about the spot on all major social media platforms. Oklahoma’s own lieutenant governor surprised us all when he chimed in with his thoughts.

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