You Earn the Shorts

Pants first.

The struggle for balance within the human race is just. There is a natural order to the way things are. The universe has said so. You must learn to crawl before you learn to walk. We try cheese pizza before working up to a pepperoni, eventually enjoying supreme or meat lover’s, not the other way around. As a child, you fear Neosporin then grow to appreciate its healing powers. There is balance and order to all of these, just like the balance and order at Carter Chevrolet.

One doesn’t just get a job at Carter Chevrolet and wear the signature shorts and t-shirt. No. No. No. Like Peyton Manning once said, “You must sweat it to get it.” New guy Tanner—whose last name we already forgot—experienced this first hand. The newest commercial from Carter is based on a true story, where young Tanner was not allowed to wear shorts until he got his first sale. After getting that sale, he was initiated into the gang with a ceremony known in Okarche as “The cutting of the jeans into shorts.” It was nice; we heard they had cake. But, the celebration was short-lived and new guy hazing will continue until the next Tanner rolls in. #salesguysinshorts #makingfriends


Behind the scenes


Record Month

We also want to congratulate the team at Carter for having their best month ever in December of 2017!

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