Carter Chevrolet

Carter Chevrolet: Friends First

Jason and Grant reinforce the proper order of the sale.

Order matters. Appetizers before entrees, beer before liquor, pals before gals and always, always peanut butter before you jelly. Carter Chevrolet likes for things to be in order too. I mean, we put it in their gosh darn tag line.  In the latest spot, Jason and Grant reinforce the proper order of the sale.


Spot Facts

  • Mr. Reynolds is actually a ICG employee and purchaser of a Carter vehicle.
  • Jesse was actually a new guy.
  • This was the secondary concept but ended up being our main spot due to the 1st concept was a little to seductive for the public eye.
  • Since this spot has aired, the Thunder shooting has rapidly improved.
  • The allergy line and Bud Light or Coors Light lines were client ad libs.
  • The TV and cords in the background of this shot bug us too.
  • Jesse has since shaved his beard and is currently regrowing it.

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