Take a Real Test Drive

A typical automotive commercial

When you work with a Chevy dealer in a small town you can’t just show vehicles on the showroom if they don’t have one.  Or long, smooth dolly shots on the car lot if it’s gravel.  You could show sales guys looking all professional, shaking a satisfied customers hand if they weren’t wearing shorts and a t-shirt?  So, they really left us no choice but to show a wild test drive through Kingfisher County.

The bookend dilemma

The spot above actually aired as fifteen second bookends so to keep that format alive for Carter’s social platforms,  we created our very own commercial break made up of a few products that we think are really going to catch fire.  Fingers crossed.

Starting with Trevor’s Tag Service.

Then Andy’s Hand Model startup…

Not to be outdone by Jason’s Basketball Camp.

Sharing is Caring

Mr. Leffingwell