City Rescue Mission

City Rescue Mission Rebrand

A new day for the established Oklahoma City nonprofit.

For more than 40 years, City Rescue Mission has been serving the Oklahoma City community. But over those many years, many misconceptions had built up. Previous advertising and branding relied heavily on images of sad people with “feed the homeless” style messaging. It was easy to get the impression that City Rescue Mission is a soup kitchen and cots style homeless shelter. But that’s not the case.

Changing Perceptions

The initial idea was a name change and logo redesign to change perceptions. But after a thorough brand audit, we came to the conclusion that a new name and logo wasn’t necessarily what was needed. With 40 years of name recognition, the best approach was to rethink the way the brand looks and speaks.

City Rescue Mission offers a path back to hope. Through their Bridge to Life program, City Rescue Mission empowers people to overcome the problems preventing them from living their best life. Instead of indefinite shelter, City Rescue Mission offer a clean, safe, temporary place to stay and successful programs and services to help people become the best version of themselves.

The New Logo

The previous logo featured a dark silhouette of the Oklahoma City skyline and didn’t speak much to the mission. The new version is bright and warm, featuring an abstracted image of the sun, representing life, strength and wholeness. The mosaic/stained glass treatment represents community and spirituality.

City Rescue Mission rebrand

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