Festival of the Arts 2019

FOA | 19′

You’d be surprised what you can find in a pawn shop. I know we were, especially since the items we were looking for had to be cheap but represent the pieces we needed to make our project come to life.

Festival of the Arts was upon us and we needed something that would represent what this event means not only to the people who go but the people who we wanted to be there. So after a few La Croix, some crazy inspiration and the feature festival artist work(link) we landed on a theme and “For the Experience” was born.

We knew we needed to immerse ourselves in this project with a theme like that, just making something on the computer seemed almost boring and didn’t show the spirit one would expect for this theme. So, we thought harder and bigger until we landed on the idea to make something you can touch something you could experience. An actual piece of work that we could create. So we did.

A few pawn shops later, some coats of spray paint and fishing line we ended up with a very unique look. A splash of lights and a little photoshop and we had ourselves the look.

We soon followed the look up with individual social pieces that showcased the experience that people would like based on the places they would see these ads. Music with Spotify and message about “come to for the music, stay for the experience”

This work not only became a successful experience for the Festival but for us as well.

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