#Put Your Face On It

How do you describe the softest, silkiest carpet ever made?

This was the question we pondered. How do we communicate this amazingly soft product and get some attention for the brand? How do we make people who might not be in the market for carpet or flooring listen to our message? As we sat there with the carpet in front of us feeling the amazing silky, softness it possessed the idea occurred. One unnamed person did the unthinkable. They put their face on it. Moments after putting their face on it they murmured the words “This carpet is so soft, you’ll want to put your face on it.” We won’t bore you with the rest but Bart is a great sport and a helluva pitchman so may we present Floor Trader’s newest promotional campaign, #PutYourFaceOnIt

The spots can be seen in real life on TV’s in 5 markets across Oklahoma, Illinois and Iowa.

#PutYourFaceOnIt :30 TV

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