The Timeless Art of Savings

A Masterpiece on Broadway

He freaking said yes!!! That was the collective reaction by the small team involved in pitching this out-of-home concept. We want the same thing most agencies do — creative outdoor that makes you pee yourself a little when you drive by. That is not always the case when selling flooring, but Bart (featured on the billboard, and COO of Brewer Flooring Group) was feeling feisty this particular day. Bart understands that being creative and standing out in a crowded marketplace is important. We jumped on the opportunity to do what anybody would have done, paralleling George Constanza’s famous “Timeless Art of Seduction” pose with Bart, mirroring George’s famous pose down to the toe stretch — but in the spokesman wardrobe Bart has sported for 10 years. The velvety lounge chair was replaced with rolls of carpet and carpet squares. Kramer was replaced with ICG Art Director and photographer Amy Nickerson. Then, veteran Art Director Brandon Anderson took it from there, creating the background and bringing his sketch to life. If this paragraph has a point, it’s keep pitching ideas, even to existing clients who you have worked with for 9+ years. We are pretty fortunate to work with a client who understands the value of standing out. Bart has let us dress him in an adult onesie, hose him down mustard and ketchup, put his face on carpet and swim in all of his clothes. You do things like that to be different and stand out because the brand benefits.  Thanks for taking another one for the team. Plus, you can’t go wrong paying homage to the show about nothing.

The Timeless Art of Savings

Look Ma, we went viral

Like most things viral, it started with this post on Reddit. From there, the story was picked up by Mashable, sitting right next to a story about Instagram’s controversial rebrand. Then, we got a nod from the venerable industry standard, AdWeek. (Note: the Floor Trader spot at the bottom of the AdWeek post is not our work.) Then, suddenly The AV Club posted it too.

The process

It started with the idea. Wait, let me back up. It started with episode 139 of Seinfeld, which gave us the idea to turn Bart into George. The entire process was quick and fun. Sketches got approved, photos were taken and the design followed.

The glorious day of the posting

The reaction so far

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The internet checked up on our form.

via @dtrainescobar on Reddit

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2018 Update

Well, the timeless art of savings billboard will live forever in our hearts and also a higher education text book.  The case study is now a part of the Advertising & IMC; Principles & Practice 11th edition on page 515 to be exact.  Sponge worthy?  Maybe not.  But definitely text book worthy.

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