OU Online

Go Further

A brand and video series for the University of Oklahoma's second-largest college.

Online education is a growing sector in higher education, and OU is looking to rapidly grow its online offering to keep up with demand. The problem with online marketing is that the content typically comes off like a watered-down version of the traditional experience.

OU Online hired ICG to develop a new brand platform on which to produce a series of videos (20+ and counting) that reflected the benefits of online education. Furthermore, we used the videos as an opportunity to reflect the aspirational lifestyles (work, health, family, education) that typical online students have.

Video series

ICG developed the campaign theme of “Go Further” to match the aspirational lifestyles of the students. Less “stressed out mom at the kitchen table trying to deal with kids and do homework at the same time.” Instead, we used examples of people going out for a job while listening to lectures, or meeting in coffee shops to review assignments. Below are some of the videos we’ve produced in the last year. We’ve produced over 20 for various degree programs within the last year.



The results have been fantastic since launching the new videos. Cost per click on digital ads were cut in half compared to other media tactics. Additionally, the OU Online college is projected to be OU’s second largest campus within the next year, right after the main Norman campus, exceeding the enrollment of OU’s Tulsa campus, OKC healthcare campus and the international college. Which is impressive since the college is relatively new and the growth is far beyond what was expected.

From the Client

ICG is an amazing partner in helping create and establish our new OU Online brand. Their expertise and professionalism help create a high-quality brand that is seeing positive results immediately in the market. ICG’s ability to tailor our requests to our exact needs is a major asset to our group and has allowed us to grow at a rate faster than was ever expected.

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