Hungry Like a Wolf

StoneWolf Casino was opening a BBQ restaurant right off of their casino floor and needed a iconic brand. BBQ in Oklahoma is serious business and most of the restaurants are named after Bubba, Earl, Brad, Steve and even Uncle Leo. Stone Wolf wanted to carry the “Wolf” theme from their casino into their new BBQ joint.

First, ICG was tasked with coming up with the restaurant’s name. Putting a name to a permanent establishment is not a easy task. You want to love it more than your first child. It usually comes with about 300+ branded pieces that you have to look at daily. So, out of 28 possible names, we landed finally on Howler’s.

Stonewolf is a small but sleek casino with a modern feel. We wanted the logo to communicate BBQ but feel like it belongs in this boutique modern feeling casino. So, sans the red and white checkered table cloth. As the work on the brand continued so did the evolution of the tag line. It was really quite obvious.

Wolf + Food + Advertising folk + random singing = Howler’s, Hungry like a wolf.

Howler’s was born and is serving up great BBQ to all that come through.

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