This is How Carter Rolls

A music video?

by Rusty Duncan

Yeah. Why not? I mean,  it’s a car dealership. In Okarche, America. Population 1,345. Why wouldn’t we take a popular country-poppy-dude-bro-song and change the words? The fact that doing this makes zero sense is actually why it makes perfect sense for Carter Chevrolet. A statement only White Goodman would be proud of.

Ok, back to the music video thing. How did this happen? Why did it happen? Both are great, yet similar questions. Go back a few months with me. It was a typical Monday morning in early June. Birds barking, dogs chirping and ICG content manager Lisha Dunlap was sitting at her desk, possibly nursing a hangover from the weekend, possibly not? You know, typical early week stuff. I was passing through the hive heading towards the kitchen to grab a Diet Coke (number 2 for the day) when Lisha excitedly called me over to her desk. I happy bossed (fake smiled) my way over there as she pointed to her laptop screen strategically placed next to her Bret Michaels picture and went right into saying, “This would be hilarious if we did a music video for Carter like this FGL one.” She was full screen with the “This is how we roll” video from Florida Georgia Line featuring Luke Bryan.

As I watched this pyro inspired, motorcycle riding, light-leaking party of a music video, two distinct things went through my head. One. How are Luke Bryan’s teeth so freaking white? Seriously, they are almost too white. Twothis is a fantastic idea! Yup. Fantastic idea. All credit to Lisha for this awesome idea! Slow clap into a fast one. So, a few minutes have passed, and I’m 100% convinced we should do this. The time is now 9:20 a.m., and we needed to gauge the client’s interest. I wasted no time to put an amazingly detailed concept brief in email and send to Jason at Carter. Email proof below.


As you can see, it took some convincingbut we got his buy in. On a related note, I will be holding a “how to sell your client big ideas” seminar in the very near future. Seriously though, he was on board and so the real work began.

The Lyrics

This is not the first time I’ve done something like this. I have a rich, undocumented history of changing the lyrics of songs to bring joy/annoy a family member, friend or work colleague. With this, we can annoy/bring joy to all kinds of people. There is really only one way to take on a lyric writing parody project, and that is to listen to the original song over and over again. Then add a few more overs and you will loathe FGL for the rest of your days. Joking. I’m not to that point yet.  Those bastards are way too catchy and collab with everyone. It was actually a lot of fun fitting Carter into this song. I just wished I could have worked in sales guy in shorts and some beards references. Oh well, there’s always the next one.

The Music

We have one guy who we call to help make our musical ideas come to life, and that guy is Erick Alexander. He is so freaking talented, and we love to bring him on projects. He created the sound-alike music and sang the vocals for the song. If you ever need custom music, hit Erick up.

The Shoot

For the sake of time I need to paraphrase some stuff.

location change-hot box-mad chicken lady-pee up high-no boom-I quit-be good-permits-don’t sue-how much longer?

The magic ingredient to any great music video is really a convincing performance. I mean, if you can’t sing the lyrics and look like you’re having a great time, then what the hell is the point? Luckily we have paid talent that can turn it on once we start rolling.  

What? We don’t have paid talent? Oh, the sales guys in shorts are the talent? Ok. Well surely we’re going to get a bunch of models to distract from them? Nope? Ok, so just the sales guys who don’t enjoy camera time, outside of Trevor and Grant. The great thing about production is that there are all kinds of tips and tricks to make movie magic, but none of them were applicable to turning sales guys into A-list talent. It is also important to point out that shoot days are long. These guys aren’t used to #setlife, so getting them to perform on “Action” required the following.

  1. Liquid Courage
  2. Food
  3. Lying to their face
  4. Repeat 1 & 2

I’m mostly joking. Everyone stepped up, and most importantly, stepped out of their comfort zone to make this video great. People were eager to help out by lending us boats, ATVs and props of all sorts. I think the entire Carter team has a greater appreciation for the time, effort and execution required to make a long form video.

Jason Leck and his entire team are absolute troopers. I most importantly need to give huge props to the entire ICG production team for pushing the limits from the very beginning to make a small crew feel like a big one. Troy stepped right in and did whatever was needed. Doug came in at the last minute to run the drone to get some sweet aerial shots. Lisha brought the idea and sweat along side all of us to do whatever was needed. Jason got the crew and gear together, managed the crew and found time to run a camera as well.  Jay Sheldon put his heart and soul into this project. He DP(eed) his ass off,  then went full beast mode in post production to truly make this a fantastic music video. Good find on the light leaks btw. It was a long two days of shooting with batteries dying, generators quitting, hot dogs burning, lakes being way too shallow, me being a dick and banned fireworks. But I think it was worth it. We had a blast making it, and I hope you enjoy it.

“This is How Carter Rolls”

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