Life is Better with Orange Leaf

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt exists for one reason and one reason only. To make your life better. Its bright cheerful surroundings are designed for happy moods, crappy moods, promotions, demotions, new jobs, no job, big wins, crummy losses and every up or down situation in between. No matter your story, Life is Better with Orange Leaf. It won’t make you better looking, taller or more popular, but it will assist in your celebrating and/or sulking. People love doing life together and there is no better place to hang out than Orange Leaf except for maybe The Max or Cheers but that ship sailed. I mean, who is going to make the argument that life is not better with Orange Leaf? The campaign features the music track “Life is better with you” performed by Michael Franti & Spearhead.

She’s the real MVP

We were pretty excited to work with Kevin Durant and his mom Wanda Pratt on this concept. To celebrate Mother’s Day and all the great things that moms do for us, KD and his mom talk about their relationship over a cup of froyo. And for the record, it’s OK to have a sprinkle.

Social-based Strategy

Orange Leaf’s current strategy revolves heavily around their social media channels. The video was launched through KD’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  accounts and then shared by Orange Leaf. Through his enormous network of followers and their views, likes, shares and retweets, visibility of the video was absolutely astounding.

The campaign was picked up by a few sites

 Ads of the World

Le Book

Life is Better with Orange Leaf

Sharing is Caring

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