Look for the Cross

The Key to Any Great Story is Relating

At 115 years young, St. Anthony Hospital has a lot of stories to tell – from the amazing doctors, nurses and staff to patients whose lives were forever changed by the care they received. Today, too many hospitals want to tell you how great they are by forcing a story of a patient survival down your throat that makes you un-easy, that makes you change the channel. St. Anthony has plenty of survival stories, but there are stories created every day of compassion, character and why people are called to serve.

Our goal was to create a story that people relate to. A story that doesn’t tell you how great this hospital is but what this hospital values. A story that engages the soul and pulls at your heart. St. Anthony understands that great brands don’t have to be the central focus to be great – being along for the ride has a greater return.

Stories Worth Sharing

This multi-faceted campaign features a two and a half minute TV spot about a boy’s selfless act towards his younger sister. The spot directs the viewer to a website with several stories about St. Anthony and its amazing people.

Responsive Web Presence

As part of our digital strategy, we build a responsive website to serve as the main hub for all things related to Look for the Cross – doctor and patient stories, testimonials, physician directory complete with a Google Maps component.

Extending the Site

After the initial launch, we added a new homepage to drive traffic to the various St. Anthony campaigns. A three-column layout allows us to feature stories, promotions, other information in a simple, timely manner.

Stories Worth Sharing

Here is a collection of stories from St. Anthony patients and employees that are truly worth sharing.

Waking Julie

Dr. Julie Wiley

Dr. Renee Grau

Dr. Paul Wright

Dr. Elise Slaybaugh

Dr. June Ivey

Dr. Salman Zubair

Dr. Terry Rimmer

Kayla Stinebring

Dr. Gaynell Anderson

Dr. Robert Zukas

Alicia’s Story

Kim’s Story

William Vawter Story

Dr. Emily McLaurin Story

Dr. Kersey Winfree Story

Joe Roby Story

What People Are Saying

“My son is 10 and he said mom you have to watch this and when I turned around he was crying. I was crying when I finished watching this. I love this commercial. I could see my son doing this for his sister. It’s wonderful.”

Sharing is Caring

Bravery Has a Name, Courage Has a Voice