Name and brand for Oklahoma City's family justice center.

Hope. Healing. Strength. Community. This is what guides and motivates the people behind the Oklahoma City Family Justice Center (FJC). But, creating the message and voice of this new undertaking is what brought them to ICG. And at ICG, we were very excited to be part of the conversation. Their mission became our mission, with an immediate goal to find a name and look that would appropriately describe this new partnership in Oklahoma City. Victims of violence need to know that this new place is where they can find hope.

Palomar: A Community of Strength and Healing

Once ICG had a solid understanding of who FJC is and what they stand for, the name selected was Palomar—a name inspired by the palomar knot, the strongest knot one can tie. As pressure and weight is applied to this type of knot, it actually increases in strength, making it truly representative of this strong and valuable partnership. In addition, the tagline is “A Community for Strength & Healing”, showing how the city of Oklahoma City and its partners are joining together to become the solution for victims of violence in our community.

The associated logo was designed in rich purple, the color characteristic of domestic violence. It uses a friendly, approachable typeface, and features an abstract shape with a variety of interpretations. Although to most it looks like a bird, the viewer can read into additional meanings such as a hand or a wave.

New name and logo for Palomar, Oklahoma City's family justice center

Grand Opening

On February 2, 2017, city leaders, officials and the general public braved the cold to attend Palomar’s grand opening ceremony. After speeches from Tricia Everest, Kimberly Grate and Casey Gwinn, President of Alliance for HOPE International, attendees were invited to tour the building and chat with the people who made Palomar possible. The event was covered by the local news media and published in print and online.

News 9

OKC’s Family Justice Center Opens For Domestic Abuse Victims

The Oklahoman

Opening of family justice center is good news for OKC
Family Justice Center opens Thursday


Palomar : Oklahoma City’s Family Justice Center | Grand Opening & Dedication

News on 6

OKC’s Family Justice Center Opens For Domestic Abuse Victims

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