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Falling behind on taxes can be a significant source of fear, uncertainty and doubt. But with a little knowledge and a team of seasoned pros in your corner, Polston Tax is here to give you a second chance.

Three Pillars of Polston Tax

Since 2000, Rod Polston and Rachel Mathew’s team of more than 100 attorneys, accountants and other tax professionals have helped people get right with the IRS and return to a happy life. To drive awareness and consideration, we developed a three-pillar video strategy consisting of education, acts of service and results.

Tax Facts YouTube Video Series

When you have questions, you search the web. At this stage, it’s essential to offer useful answers to consumers before pushing your brand. Education has been a critical area where content strategy and SEO strategy go hand-in-hand.

Behind Google and Google Image search, YouTube is the world’s third-largest search engine in terms of web traffic. To position Polston Tax as the experts and increase their footprint on the search engine results page, we worked with Polston staff to create a series of quick explainer videos. Clocking in at one minute or less, the Tax Facts series covers topics ranging from basic tax law concepts to subjects such as liens, garnishments and appeals.

The videos were posted to Polston Tax’s YouTube page and titled to match commonly searched tax topics closely. The strategy paid off: leading to significant increases in watch time and views.

Community Service Video Content

When they’re not solving tax problems, Polston Tax team members are giving back by volunteering with organizations throughout the community. Generosity is deeply rooted in the culture of Polston Tax. The firm organizes quarterly volunteer events and encourages all employees to participate.

ICG captured video footage of several community service volunteer events. Short, culture-oriented videos were created from the footage and posted to their social media properties.

At Polston Tax, we value our community and the organizations that help make it a great place to live and work. This week, we spent time helping out at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. Go adopt one of our new friends!

Posted by Polston Tax on Friday, June 22, 2018

Driving Volume with Broadcast TV

At the end of the day, Polston Tax needs to develop new client relationships and generate more leads. So the third pillar in the video strategy was based on creating video content that helped drive those leads. ICG developed direct-response TV ads that ran in the Oklahoma City metro area.


The Polston Tax Facts series has accumulated hundreds of thousands of organic views, by merely providing bite-sized content with proper titling, keywords and tags.

Coupled with traditional commercials and community service content, the three-pillar strategy has given Polston Tax a boost to its impressive credibility.

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