Pride in the Hustle

A high-energy awareness campaign showcasing real-world experience.

For more than a century, VoTech and CareerTech Systems across the country have been helping students of all ages get the training, education, and certifications required for gainful and meaningful employment.

In the late 1990s, Oklahoma rebranded its statewide agency from Oklahoma Vo-Tech to Oklahoma CareerTech. While the rebrand is over decades old, multiple research firms have reported that change never registered in the minds of Oklahomans.

Direct Connection

To address the awareness gap, CareerTech teamed up with ICG to launch a statewide awareness campaign. The initial approach to the campaign was simple: direct messages and brightly-colored visuals. Examples include phrases like “More than Vo-Tech. CareerTech” and “CareerTech. The artist formerly known as Vo-Tech.” By using both names, we were able to leverage the high brand awareness of vo-tech and allow people to make the connection between the two.

Pride in the Hustle

The next phase of the approach was to create a greater sense of accomplishment through the CareerTech system. Too often people think of CareerTech as “for other people’s kids” or “for kids that aren’t college material.” We addressed this by promoting the high earning potential from CareerTech programs, real hands-on learning opportunities and the feeling of pride you get from doing your craft. Messaging such as “Pride in the Hustle”, “Strive” and “Get Skilled. Get Paid” helped provide the energy previous campaigns were lacking.

Media Approach

Because this campaign was statewide, it was important to utilize media platforms that allowed us to reach everyone within the state without excluding underserved markets.

Finally, we got our message out to the public through digital outdoor billboards, OTT media such as Hulu, YouTube and a heavy social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram.


The revamped website launched in January along with the videos. The website has the ability for each tech center to submit their own videos that appear on their individual page. The site’s goal is to show CareerTech as one big family with each tech center as a member. We want users to remain on the site to keep discovering all capabilities of the CareerTech system throughout Oklahoma.

Career Content

Career-specific video content was created for a laser targeted approach used across all social platforms and targeted campaigns.

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