Smark Dry Erase Paint

This dry erase paint is off the chart!

If you know anything about product development then you know it is quite the process.  Start with the idea, then figure out how to make it, test it, produce a bunch of it, package it, distribute it, market it, price it?  Damn. All of that!? So when we were given the opportunity to help develop a new product from the ground up, we said sure, that sounds easy. The idea of the product is simple. Paint this product on the wall and it turns any smooth surface into a dry erase surface.  The product already exists in the market but at a pretty high price point.  Smark would affordably priced so anyone could turn their space into the creative juggernaut it was destined to be.

Name that dry erase paint

We would argue that the hardest thing you can do in this advertising world would be to name something.  A restaurant, non profit agency, a dog and even a dry erase paint.  Naming stuff is personal and everyone has a stinking opinion about everything involved in a name.  Seriously, no one can ever stinking agree.  This company already had a bunch of technical names for their industrial products so we wanted something that had a nice ring to it and more importantly something that could become a verb.  Let’s go Smark that wall.  Can I Smark my cat?  I’ll Smark every wall in this place just watch me!

A Music Video makes sense?

We wanted to create a video that introduced the product in a fun, creative way that could also double as a super annoying/catchy song that will stick in the consumers head forever forging a bond that can never be broken. #missionaccomplished

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