SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital

Boundless Imagination

Empathy meets creativity in this attention-grabbing campaign for a nationally-ranked children's hospital.

The average person doesn’t love to think about healthcare, especially hospitals. But we know healthcare is crucial.

After more than a decade of successful work with SSM Health, we had the opportunity to work with SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis. Our assignment was to develop an unexpected brand awareness campaign to keep Cardinal Glennon top of mind. 

Parent-Centric, Kid-Friendly

Parenthood is a joy. We see our kids as little extensions of ourselves – our heart and soul. When your kids get sick, you can feel scared and helpless. As parents ourselves, we empathize.

Making big decisions – like healthcare choices – when you’re scared or stressed is tough. Parents need to feel supported, welcomed, and confident. Which led to a crucial insight: if you understand my child, you understand me.

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Boundless Imagination

Kids have big imaginations. It felt natural to tap into childlike imagination to show how Cardinal Glennon embodies care. From the physical spaces, to their expertise, to their bedside manner, Cardinal Glennon helps kids be kids.

We named our campaign “Boundless Imagination.” In the TV spot, a child’s imagination springs to life in the form of cartoon animals, plants, submarines, and spaceships, resulting in a whimsical and engaging experience for viewers.

By focusing on the needs and desires of parents, the campaign was a great example of how empathy and creativity make a powerful impact.

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