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The End of ER Waiting

Announcing a new online ER waiting service.

In 2010, a new product emerged that would change the way emergency rooms would operate. St. Anthony took the opportunity and became the 4th hospital in the United States to sign a deal with Inquicker, an online ER scheduling service.

Who schedules an ER visit? Leadership at Saints knew over half of the visits to their ER were non life threatening injuries, so it made sense to embrace this innovative technology and take the Inquicker plunge.

The End is Near

A new bold healthcare product was deserving of a bold campaign, right? The concept was new and the idea was big so we decided this was “teaser campaign big.” Billboards were strategically placed around the market with one simple statement that read “The End is Near.” Two weeks later the board changed to “The Wait is Over.” The teaser worked and we had people’s attention. The campaign generated a buzz and was reported on by local news outlets and a satirical Oklahoma blog.

The End is Here

Next we launched a multimedia campaign titled “The End of ER Waiting” that included a humorous, non-healthcare feeling TV concept, bold out-of-home creative, mall wraps, baseball back stops, airport ads, radio and more. St. Anthony Hospital changed the ER game in OKC.

The creative was noticed by the Inquicker team and soon hospital groups throughout the country began licensing creative from St. Anthony to run in their own local markets. St. Anthony continues to a national leader, with the Inquicker product offered at five locations throughout Oklahoma City.

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