A heart attack could shatter everything

Saints Heart and Vascular Institute had a really great deal to offer with $50 heart scans. Believe it or not, people aren’t jumping off of the couch to go get a heart scan. So, we suggested using one of the best motivators outside of free and that’s FEAR. Heart attacks are scary but a heart scan can truly assist in preventing them. It provides life saving information that usually has no external symptoms. We created a campaign that uses words like shatter and crumple to describe how a heart attack can effect a family. The campaign included a series of TV spots that show different variations of what a heart attack can look like along with bold print and out of home that focused on the $50 heart scan price point. The campaign worked and convinced thousands of people to schedule heart scans resulting in the campaign needing to be pulled early because volume was at a capacity. We can’t really legally say we saved lives but several issues were discovered with the scans leading to further treatment.

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