Tae Kwon Loan

Chopping rates

2% seems small, unless it’s savings on a car loan. With the finesse of a martial arts master, ICG and True Sky took a swift strike to traditional car financing – credit union style. As a part of True Sky’s quarterly promotion, we took 2% off their member’s new qualifying auto loan rates. That means if you’re qualified for 5% interest, you only pay 3%. We called it the True Sky Two-Point Takedown. Dealership financing never saw us coming. Hi-yah!

The Storyboard

Finished spot

Out of home

“In looking for an advertising firm, True Sky Credit Union was seeking an agency that could quickly respond to our needs and produce unique videos to lead our campaigns. ICG was that partner. The team is flexible, dedicated to helping True Sky grow, and wildly creative. Results have been insane, with one campaign exceeding expectations in its first month by more than 300%. Amazing!”

– Sherry Kast, VP of Marketing


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