McCurtain County Tourism Authority

Teddy Owens

America's favorite adventurer, fun-seeker and travel host takes you on a tour of McCurtain County.

People love to watch videos about destinations before visiting. And with social media and YouTube being the primary content hubs for most viewers, we thought an episodic video series would be an entertaining and informative way to keep viewers engaged with the McCurtain County brand.

We developed Teddy Owens, a rustic Anthony Bourdain-type character to engage with area businesses and tell the story of the people and places of McCurtain County. In this long-form video series, Teddy eats, shops, and plays his way across the county, chatting up locals and making all kinds of friends along the way. As a result, he’s become a bit of a local celebrity. Whenever we’re shooting a new episode, people come up to say hi to Teddy and the crew.

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